One Shot Kill


Photographer Ronald Applin is a renowned freelance artist who not only prides himself on his creativity but also by breaking barriers that have never been broken. His style is like no other and his passion is next to none! Please get to know this phenomenal artist in reading about Ronald below.

(1) For the people that don’t know you, who are you?
-I’m Ronald Applin. I’m a photographer among a lot of other things. And I’m trying to steal all the girls away from their boyfriends…just to take pics though ha!

(2) What would you call your style of photography?
-I would call it conceptual…mainly because of how I shoot my fashion stuff. I call it “Fashion Conceptual…” mainly because it’s built on concepts of secret societies, erotica, fighting technique, and storytelling.

(3) Where does your motivation comes from?
-My motivation comes from a lot of things but mostly from the multiplicity in the aesthetic of the world around me. Fashion, martial arts, architecture, physique, posture, nature, music and people all create these convergent points of color, motion, shape, sound, and form that always grab my attention.

(4) Do you listen to any music before/during a photo shoot? If so, what’s your go to track?
-Music is one of the driving forces of my life. Music is always around. My go to track these days is Sacrifices on Drakes More Life.

(5) How do you feel about today’s culture?
-I’ve never been into what is today’s culture…there are things I like…things I don’t…but overall I really like how people are making efforts to be truer to themselves in whatever they do.

(6) If you had to choose a model/actor or actress who would you shoot?
-Rihanna or Beyoncé.

(7) When did you find out photography was your life?
-When I left to go L.A. to be homeless in pursuits of taking my photography to the next level.

(8) What is your personal favorite piece?
-I don’t have one really. I have so many different perspectives that I enjoy in many of my photos…so it’s hard to pick one.

(9) Who is your favorite photographer?
-Helmut Newton is my favorite photographer.

(10) Any work coming soon?
-I always do random stuff here and there…I don’t know when I’m going to start shooting the series again. I am working on building the business end of my photography these days. So I’m really focused on my photography in a entire different light. So it will be at random.

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