Switch Up, But I Stay The Same!


(1) For people that aren’t familiar with you, who is Regis De’Von?
  • “I’m a 26 year old from Trotwood, Ohio. City just west of Dayton, Ohio.”
(2) What gave you your passion to make music?
  • “I truly believe my passion to make music came from genetics. My Father was part of his own group when he was coming up. My Mother has a great singing voice, and my little sister is on Broadway (even though she doesn’t prefer to sing). I also believe the time I was born was key to me finding a passion for music. Being born at the very end of 1990, I was exposed to some of our country’s greatest music. It didn’t matter what genre it was, it all had an impact on how I would come to love music.”
(3) How would you explain your sound of music?
  • “I would describe my sound of music as a, darker, harder R&B and a smoother more laid back type of Hip Hop.”
(4) In this music business it can be hard to focus, what are things you do to keep you grounded and in your zone?
  • “I keep my crew close by, I’ve had the same team for awhile now. My family is always supportive and I keep my faith in God. Each one of those keep me grounded, I think it’s important that the people around you have your best interest. To stay in my zone, “I do better with the rider in my system”… that’s it.”
(5) When making music where does your inspiration come from?
  • “My inspiration comes from my last project, I always want to top what we did last. I also draw inspiration from things that are going on around me/in my life at the moment. I just put it into words and melody, I figure someone else could be going through the same thing (good or bad). I make music for those moments. Aaliyah, is one of my biggest inspirations. Her music is transparent, anybody can sing along and it would hold the same weight or give you the same feeling. I never really put her in a genre either, she’d combine different sounds we’d hear in other genres with her sound from Brooklyn. I want people to be able to say that about me.”
    “Love you Baby Girl!”
(6) Do you feel that you are creating the Dayton or Ohio sound?
  • “I feel like my music continues the Dayton/Ohio sound. The funk sound that was made famous in my hometown, is in all of the artists doing their thing there now! Regardless if each artist knows it or not. We have a sound that is recognizable to people all over, especially people who’re familiar with The Land of The Band. Evolution is a given, I know my sound has some of that funk in it. Even, if it’s just here and there, Ohio Player til’ the death!”
(7) Traveling and seeing other artist have you learned anything from them? If so, what did you learn?
  • “Being blessed to travel with some big names I’ve learned a lot! Just being able to see how they move out in public, how things are coordinated before they arrive, because you know once you’re the main attraction, everybody is going to know what location you’re going to be at and what time. So, it’s been helpful experiencing the aspect of security and event arrival. Watching Trey Songz record was eye opening for me, he records sitting down. That blew my mind when I saw that, I didn’t expect all those notes to come from a dude sitting down. I’m sure there’s a lot more I’m leaving out about the artists I’ve been on road with, but that’s what comes to mind right now.”
(8) If you had to feature any artist on your album who would it be?
  • “Dead or Alive? Dead: Aaliyah. Alive: Tunechi”
(9) How hard is it to be accepted in the rap community as an up and coming artist?
  • “I’d say now-a-days it’s not as hard as it was when I first started. There’s more artist now who are able to make their own music at home or somewhere close. Artists are also able to film their own music videos and upload them to major sites and platforms. What separates the music is the quality.”
(10) Who are your top 10 artists of all time?
  • “In order? Sheesh! Ima just give you the artist, I’m not sure about chronological order right now. You’re asking for artists, not rappers! This might take a minute.”
Michael Jackson
Jay Z
The Beatles
2 Pac
R. Kelly
Lil Wayne”
Jay Z
2 Pac
Lil Wayne
Bun B
Andre 3K”
IMG_2759 2
Switch Up – Regis De’Von
Coming October 17thFeaturing Braxton Miller (@BraxtonMiller)

Shot by Korey “KMagic” Faulks (@Kmagicvision)

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