Welcome the new Kings/Queen on the block!

For many years hip-hop has been the catalyst of sculpting the culture into what it is today. The fashion, sports and television industries are funneling trends in hopes of positioning themselves on the right side of the movement. Although there are many outlets that are looking to promote their views on the current waves in hip-hop; Season Kings/Queens is aspiring to build a brand that gives you unbiased perspectives with an authentic feel. If you don’t believe me, let me introduce you to the new wave.

Unlike most new brands, Season Kings/Queens has constructed a dream team that most take years to piece together. The two visionaries, J.APP and AB, are the creators and hosts of the Season Kings podcast. Through riveting interviews and genuine conversations with their guests; these two have morphed barbershop talk and witty interviews to formulate an ear gauging podcast like no other. With hopes of taking the podcast’s likeness to other media platforms and the fashion industry, J.APP and AB are definitely setting the tone and operating on an unparalleled level.

However, a brand is only as big as the team behind it. With the right network, J.APP and AB were able to stitch together a team that will catapult the Season Kings/Queens name to the next level. There’s Ronald Applin, also known as Kwaze, who specializes in photography is hoping to bring an aesthetic that will connect to listeners on an intellectual level. Veit Parker, fashion liaison and trend-spotter, plans to bring the Season Kings/Queens logo to life in fashion form with his vast amount of experience and expertise. Then there’s me, the girl behind the words and newest member to the group. I’m working towards bringing you a lady’s point-of-view on topics that will bring forth discussion about fashion, social issues, sports and rap
culture. Together we’ll bring you the flavor you didn’t know you were missing that is SeasonKings/Queens. Peace.

Published by

Season Kings

Seasoning the culture🌍! Pushing the envelope! From Music🎼, sports🏀🏈⚾️, to social issues☕️. Putting our flavor on the culture so that you may enjoy the food for thought.

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