Say it ain’t so: The recap

Welcome back Kings and Queens! It’s a new year and J.APP and AB are coming with the new flavor. If you didn’t get a chance to catch the first podcast of the year, then ya girl got you! Lets dig into the word real quick.

If you’ve been on social media, your favorite blog may have reported the words Tennessee judge, Wayne Shelton, made about blacks being more effective at killing each other than the KKK. Well this comment sparked some conversation and even some heated debates. In the podcast, it shined a different light on Judge Shelton’s perspective and may have even opened my eyes on the matter. J and AB took it deeper than the surface and brought up the immense amount of self-hate within the black community. It’s no secret that black on black crime has been one of the biggest issues surrounding the black community since crack hit the scene in the 80s. Being a native of Dayton, OH allowed me to not only agree on their comments about how residents of our native city treat each other, but also how their actions caused the demise of a once thriving African American suburb. Our disposition as a whole has been off FOR YEARS and the cycle only continues. J threw in a piece of wisdom from David Banner about us African Americans needing to treat ourselves as Gods and I couldn’t agree more. To quote the amazingly, talented Erykah Badu: “If we were made in his image, then call us by our names.” A reference to blacks being the replica of God’s image, therefore, solidifying Banner’s thoughts. If you don’t believe them, go to your nearest library and start your research. Trust me, it gets deep, I’m just doing the recap.

The conversation flowed into the influence that music has on black culture, and most importantly how our music, specifically hip-hop, shapes our lives and other cultures. Imitation is definitely the greatest form of flattery, but some races take it to the next level. As mentioned in the podcast, we are the undisputed influencers of today’s culture. While we’re on the subject of music; there’s no way they could skip over the topic that has filled Beauty and Barber salons, living rooms, social media posts and podcasts all over the states: Robert Kelly. Images of R.Kelly and some of his victims have been plastered on blog sites and personal pages due to the highly-anticipated Surviving R. Kelly docu-series on Lifetime. A shit storm followed the airing of this 3-day long series recapping the physical and mental abuse Kelly bestowed upon women of all ages, with the youngest allegedly being 15. Both J and AB agreed that R. Kelly should be locked up for his actions, but the topic wasn’t about Kelly’s indiscretions since neither host tuned in. The discussion examined whether or not Mr. Bump and Grind’s musical catalog can be separated from his actions. Though, R. Kelly has many skeletons he now has to face thanks to Lifetime, his music is another story. The man who introduced us to 12 Play in the 90s has survived 3 decades in the biz with these allegations hunting him in the shadows. His talent is undeniable and there aren’t many of us who can hear “my mind is telling me nooo” without finishing with our greatest impression of the remainder of the lyrics. He not only shaped and engineered 90s R&B, he also did it without knowing how to read or write. The kings mentioned other offenders, like Harvey Weinstein, and the inequalities between the way he is being portrayed in the media as opposed to Kelly, which is highly noticeable if you’ve been paying attention. The energy around this topic has shifted R&B fans to a place where they are questioning themselves. I know I haven’t parted ways with him on my playlist, but I am giving him the side-eye for sure.

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